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Table Dry Mizithra

Nakas Table Dry Mizithra


The table dry Mizithra Nakas is another whey cheese which is allowed to dry in specially designed areas for a few weeks.


Mizithra is a Greek traditional cheese, which can be found in various forms. The preparation of that cheese is made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, whey with added milk. Its taste is similar to the taste that has the manouri, many times brackish, although there are also varieties in Greece that have a sweeter taste. To thicken and solidify the Mizithra, it usually enters a special cloth called “Tsantilla”, then it is being hung from that cloth’s four ends at a high point. This is why Mizithra is usually pear-shaped. The hard variation of Mizithra can be used in pasta, grilled vegetables, salads and in various other dishes.